Manifests As


Feelings of Isolation

Comfort Eating

Excessive Alcohol

Compulsive Behaviour

'Glossing Over' Your Own Emotions

Would you like your life to feel as good on the inside as it looks on the outside?

When we 'tick' all the material boxes; nice house, nice car, good job, beautiful children, but still something is stopping you from living your best live, from being the best version of yourself and living a full and authentic life.

I know this pain, because I have this T Shirt - in all the colours.

I trained in this therapy because I knew it had worked for me when, like you might be, I was burnt out, depressed, exhausted and had lost hope of ever feeling happy or healthy.

The only way out - is through.

You need to find out and then remove whatever it is that is stopping you from being the best version of yourself and living your most authentic life.

Sometimes, despite all your best efforts, there is something stopping you from

Finding joy, Restoring Your health

Or finding balance.

You want to look forward, you want to live your best life, You're putting in all the energy you have available, but still, you are stuck in a pattern, a holding space, you don't see progress and you might often think about giving up.

It doesn't matter whether it's life, work, health or relationships, feeling 'stuck' is one of the hardest feelings to live with.

Without a concrete or sometimes defined explanation as to why you feel this way, it can be hard to rationalise the feelings and outcomes and that usually leads to self-blame and feelings of guilt.

Manifests As

Imposter Syndrome

Self Sabotage


Persistent Looping Thoughts

Social Anxiety

Feeling Like a By-Stander

Feeling Like You Are Different

Manifests As

People Pleasing

A Lack of Boundaries

Inability to Speak Up For Yourself

Chronic Fatigue And / Or Pain


Hyper Independence


Feeling Numb

Sleep Difficulties

Anxiety And / Or Depression

What does Freedom Look like?

Are you a trauma survivor?

What does freedom mean for you?

Freedom from pain.

Liberation from the self-sabotage and self-doubt that has held you back.

Confidence that finally you can make lasting change.

The reassurance that you have a blueprint for a better future.

The future you desire.

The future you deserve.

We call this type of transformation

Post Traumatic GROWTH

This is the day when we finally say goodbye to the actions of others, that have ruled our lives.

This therapy is transformational - it will set you free, it is therapeutic - bringing a sense of calm and control, and it is lasting - because we talk to your brilliant subconscious brain, the change is hard-wired in from your very first session.

Kind words

I was at the crossroads and Helen calmly offered me a guided journey through

Since my session I have felt a coming together of many of the missing pieces within me

Finally now I feel so free to communicate

It was great to release all of that stuff that caused pain

sparks of passion are igniting in me

your breakthroughs

let's unpack what we can work on together

Book a Free 20-Minute Consultation

Whilst most situations can be resolved with one session, sometimes there are multiple layers of the onion to unpeel.

In this case we take the most important issues first, and work through over a course of up to three sessions.

Articles that Helen wrote

Finding the Natural Joy by Helen Cartwright

Finding the Natural Joy

Building Natural Resilience by Helen Cartwright

Building Natural Resilience

Farewell Imposter Syndrome by Helen Cartwright

Farewell Imposter Syndrome

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