about helen

my life has been a journey that is a testament to the power of the mind.

I believe that we can be, do, and achieve anything, when we harness the power of our mind.

I shouldn't have Done What I have Managed to Do...

The child I was pre-age 11 was not destined for success or greatness.

Yet when I look back at my life now. there isn't a single dream I had, that hasn't come true.

(apart from the Yellow Gold Rolls Royce - I think that was just a phase...)

I learned how to turn my trauma into my superpower at a young age. I can't really explain how I did that other than a determination not to stay in the life conditions I was born into.

One of the legacies of surviving trauma is 'people pleasing' and I have had that to the extreme in the past, and another is an intense sense of empathy.

But as we mature, for some of us, that empathy turns into compassion and a drive not only understand but to help.

And so I have always helped, wherever I can.

As a businesswoman, I was a massive supporter of charities - award winning for my efforts in fact, as a an expert in business strategy I have always given my time pro bono to those in financial difficulty, as a therapist in training I trained all my peers how to launch their own practices...

So I see myself rather than as a survivor of trauma, as an expert in the art of compassion.

But compassion aside, I have empathy and strength, I hold clear safe space, and I am the biggest cheerleader you will ever have on your side.

then along came RTT

Now that I have combined my life, my business and my coaching experience with the brilliant art of RTT - and I have unlocked a formula for success.

..so of course ...I'm on a mission to help others just like me, and just like you!

the combination of skill

bringing together 20 years of business, 15 years of coaching, award winning therapy techniques and a life time of service in one package is my gift to you


Making peace with the past, understanding why, how, where, what has formed the individual you are today is the most liberating, life-changing knowledge.

Knowledge is power and none is more powerful than this.


My job, is to help you keep the promises you make to yourself.

Through sharing wisdom, experience and knowledge - bundled into some of the best frameworks in the world, as a great coach I specialise in 'Gentle Accountability' to move you to your goals.


Support comes in many forms in my world, 1-on-1, group, events and communities.

But a journey with friends is a key to recover and discovery.

RTT explained

Wherever we are coming from we already have all the power we need - it's not 'at out fingertips' as people often say - but 'between our ears'!


Get started with my top 5 checklist for an essentially happy life

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